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Chemistry Stockroom

The chemistry stockroom is located on the fourth floor of the New Science Building, NSB 4111. This facility is designed to provide support to all labs and demonstrations within the department.

EKU Science East Wing Directory

Lab Safety

Safety holds the highest priority within the chemistry department. All students are required to attend a safety lecture and complete a Safety Contract prior to the start of each lab course. If an accident occurs, an Incident Report must be completed and submitted to the main department office (NSB 4126). For your convenience, a few of the general Laboratory Safety Rules are outlined below.

  • Read the entire procedure prior to the start of lab.
  • Dress appropriately (see Rules 1-3 in the Safety Contract).
  • Read and understand the chemical label.
  • Keep all chemical containers closed when not in immediate use.
  • Clean up all spills immediately.
  • Know the location of the nearest eye wash, safety shower, and fire extinguisher.

Lab Check-In & Check-Out

In an effort to provide maximum resource distribution on a continual basis, students enrolled in the lab courses listed below are required to Check-In to a lab drawer containing items necessary to complete each course.  

Only one student will have access to a given drawer for the entire semester and that student is responsible for all items within the drawer until Check-Out is completed.  Upon Check-In, the student must inspect each item and ensure it is clean and in proper working condition. The student is responsible for notifying the chemistry stockroom or instructor that the item needs to be replaced before Check-In is completed.

During Check-Out, all items must be clean and in proper working condition. Check-Out is generally scheduled for the entire class on the same day. However, students can Check-Out at any time during the semester if stockroom personnel or an instructor is available to conduct the Check-Out. Students who Check-In to a lab drawer, but fail to Check-Out of the drawer at the end of the term may have their student account charged a CHECK-OUT FEE and an ADDITIONAL FEE for any missing or broken items.

When an item is lost or broken, an Item Replacement form (see Check-In packet above or below) must be completed and submitted to the main stockroom (NSB 4111). Provided the item was deemed to be lost or broken due to unintentional reasons, a replacement will be provided at a discounted rate. Items deemed to be missing or broken due to intentional negligence will be replaced at full cost. 

Lab Documents

NSB 4th Floor Lab Directory.pdf122.36 KB
Laboratory Safety Rules & Contract.pdf210.89 KB
Laboratory Incident Report Form.pdf851.42 KB
Lab Check-In Packet (102L, 361L, 362L).pdf634.51 KB
Lab Check-In Packet (111L, 112L).pdf611.66 KB
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