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Chemical Instrumentation & Equipment

The department manages instrumentation for teaching and research in chemistry and forensic science. If you have collaborative needs to use our equipment, please contact the Instrument Specialist to schedule an appointment for training and discuss consumables if applicable.

Spectroscopy / Microscopy

(1) JEOL ECS 400 MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer

(1) Biotek Synergy 2 UV-vis plate reader

(4) Agilent 8454 UV-Vis Spectrophotometers

(6) Perkin Elmer and Cary UV-visible spectrometers

(1) Varian Cary Eclipse Fluorescence spectrometer

(1) First Defender Raman hand-held spectrometer

(1) Jordan Valley XRF EDX-6600

(1) Thermo S-series AA spectrometer with autosampler

(4) Perkin Elmer Spectrum 100 FTIRs: 2 with Diamond ATR and microscopes

(2) Thermo Nicolet Summit FTIR instruments

(1) Agilent 5100 SVDV ICP-OES with autosampler



(1) Hitachi FlexiSEM 1000 Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS)

(1) Hitachi Probe Station Atomic force microscope (AFM) 5000II

(17) Leica polarizing light microscopes

(17) Leica stereoscopes

(4) comparison microscopes


Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry

(2) HP 6890 GC-FID

(2) Thermo Focus GC-TCD

(1) Thermo Focus GC-FID

(1) Agilent 1100 HPLC with DAD detector

(1) Varian GC-MS (3800 GC with 2000 Saturn MS) with pyrolyzer

(1) Perkin Elmer Clarus 560S GC-MS

(1) Thermo Scientific LTQ XL Mass Spectrometer that can be interfaced to Dionex Ultimate 3000 LC using electrospray or nanospray (DART/DESI ionization also available for the LTQ)

(2) Bio-Rad Gel Electrophoresis 2D System



(2) Beckman Coulter, High Performance Centrifuge, Avanti J-E

(2) Buchi Rotary Evaporator System (w/ vacuum pump), R-215

(1) Milestone Ethos UP Microwave Digestion

(2) CHI 400B Potentiostats

(1) MBraun Labmaster 130 Glovebox

(1) UVP Gelstudio Touch gel documentation system

Specific Instrumentation Shown Below:

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