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Current MS Chemistry Student Information

The following information is aimed to current students in the EKU Chemistry Graduate Program, either as a tradition 2-year or 3+2 student.  Information is provided to ensure progress in the program and know when to plan upcoming events.  In addition, forms for committee selection, project formation, committee meetings, etc. are also available.

1. When students enter the program, they will need to determine which track they will want to pursue as a chemistry graduate student: Thesis, Internship, or Coursework.  Regardless of the specific track, each student will need to form a graduate committee.  For Thesis, students should interview each faculty member in the department about his/her research projects and determine if a chemistry faculty member would be willing to supervise a project as a faculty mentor.  Once a decision has been made, a description of the thesis project should be generated.  If an internship is desired, the student should discuss the process with the chemistry department internship / coop coordinator.  A description of the internship project should be generated. Then, interviews with each chemistry faculty member to determine who would be willing to meet about the progress with an internship experience.   One EKU chemistry faculty will need to serve as the Faculty Mentor / Committee chair. It is highly encouraged to have one member from the host organization to serve on the committee. 

If the coursework is chosen, a faculty committee will be needed in at least the final semester of the graduate program to review a student’s curriculum to prepare a written and oral exit examinations.  Specific details about the committee selection are provided in the form below.

For the internship option, it is envisioned that students will have a project or set of experiences in a host organization that will allow the student to develop, write, and defend an internship report (similar to a MS thesis).  It would include the same aspects of a thesis and would be what the committee will evaluate for the exit requirement for the student to graduate.  However, some host organizations will not want students to report information from available positions (examples: being confidential or proprietary) so an internship report will not be possible.  Therefore, the other option would be to have a written and oral exit examination (similar to students in the coursework option).  That will allow a student to complete an exit requirement that is equivalent to other students in the MS program.

For step 1, the following documents will need to be completed by the student and turned into the graduate coordinator:

Choice of Graduate Faculty Committee Form  (Required for All Chemistry MS Students)

Masters Project Proposal Form (Required for Thesis / Internship Options)

2. Once a student has chosen a track and a committee, then students should proceed on gaining progress with their coursework and/or projects.  Students in the Thesis / Internship Option will need to schedule at least two official meetings with their graduate committee to update them on progress for the proposed project.  These meetings will include an oral presentation and written documentation to the committee.  Students in the Coursework Option will only need to meet with their committee to discuss their written and oral exit requirements.  Specific details about these committee meetings are provided in the forms below.

For step 2, the following documents will need to be provided by the student when meetings occur, completed, and turned into the graduate coordinator:

Thesis (2 forms): Thesis First Project Committee Meeting Form / Thesis Second Project Committee Meeting Form

Internship (2 forms): Internship First Project Committee Meeting Form / Internship Second Project Committee Meeting Form

Coursework (1 form): Exit Examination Committee Meeting Form

3. In addition to courses required in the Chemistry MS Program, each student must complete an exit requirement.  If Thesis / Internship Option, a student will need to generate a written thesis or internship report that will be presented and defended to their committee.  Copies of the written thesis / report must be made available to the committee at least two weeks before the final committee meeting can be scheduled.  Therefore, deadlines set by the EKU Graduate School in terms of graduation applications and final forms of the thesis must be considered when scheduling the final meeting.  In addition, students must register for GRD 858B in the semester when this final committee meeting is expected to be held.  If Coursework Option, a student will need to complete a written and oral examination formed by the student's graduate committee.  For this option, students must register for GRD 858C in the semester when these final examinations will be held. 

For step 3, the following document will need to be provided by the student, completed, and turned into the graduate coordinator:

Thesis / Internship  (1 form): Final Project Committee Meeting Form

Coursework: See Exit Examination Committee Meeting Form in step 2

4. When all exit requirements have been completed, final grade assignments will be compiled (either from scores from previous committee meetings to determine grades for research and/or internship courses or for the coursework written / oral examinations) to verify completion of the Chemistry MS Program.

For step 4, the following documents will be completed:

Thesis / Internship (1 form): Final Grade Assignment Form

Coursework (1 form): Final Exam Evaluation Form

MS in Chemistry Flow chart

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