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  1. An excellent path to professional school
  2. A path to an excellent career
  3. Purposefully, getting off the path 

An excellent path to professional school: A degree in Chemistry provides a great background for entrance into medical, dental, veterinary, pharmacy, and many other professional medical graduate programs. The chemistry curriculum will help to prepare you for the entrance exams (MCAT, PCAT, OAT, DAT, etc.) as well as for success once enrolled in the graduate programs. The chemistry degree plans offer students the flexibility to take elective courses in order to fulfill their prerequisites and they also prepare them for their entrance exams. As shown in the table below, students majoring in the physical sciences (e.g. chemistry) generally perform exceptionally well on the MCAT. 

Undergraduate Major MCAT GPA % Accepted Applicants
Biological Science 28.1 3.53 44.7 22863
Social Science 28.2 3.48 46.8 5107
Physical Science 29.9 3.54 51.7 4670
Humanities 29.4 3.53 51.9 1999
Specialized Health Science 25.5 3.51 34.9 1268
Math 30.5 3.54 51.7 387
Other 27.7 3.53 45.4 7625
Source: Association of American Medical Colleges, 2011  

A path to an excellent career: Chemists can have high job satisfaction when they work on cures for disease or monitor/improve the environment. Still others discover new materials to make our homes warmer in the winter, or create new textiles to be used in the latest fashions. The knowledge gained through the study of chemistry opens many career pathways outside health professions. Below are just a few of the careers chosen by chemists. For more information visit the college to career pages of the American Chemical Society.

Applied Research and Product Development


Chemical Engineering

Chemical Information Management Specialist

Chemical Technology

Chemistry Professor

Chemistry and the Law

Chemistry in the Arts



Environmental Protection

Food Chemistry

Forensic Chemistry

Formulation Chemistry


Hazardous Waste Management

Health and Safety

High School Chemistry Teacher

Human Resources

Industrial Management

Materials Science

Medicinal Chemistry

Military Science and Technology

Nuclear Chemistry

Oil and Petroleum

Personal Care Chemistry


Process Chemistry

Project Management

Quality Assurance

Quality Control

Regulatory Affairs

Science Policy

Social Impact/Activism

Technical Communication

Technical Sales and Marketing

Technical Support

Textile Chemistry

Water Chemists


Purposefully, getting off the path: - Sometimes our graduates get away from the bench and obtain jobs using their science degree in non-traditional but interesting ways. 

Universities have many types of jobs for chemists away from the bench:

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