Special Course Offering

Special Course Offering

Basic Neurochemistry by Tanea Reed returns on Thursday nights, 6-8:45PM in the fall semester. This course will focus on fundamental neuroscience and how chemistry occurs in the brain. Basic concepts such as neuroanatomy, synaptic transmission, signal transduction, and brain energy metabolism will be discussed. Inherited and neurodegenerative diseases will be a main focal point of this course. Prerequisites: Must have completed and received at least a “C” in CHE 362.Topics covered during this course:


Cytoskeletal structure

Intra and Intercellular signaling

Synaptic Transmission & Sensory Transduction


Neuronal development and differentiation

Inherited and neurodegenerative diseases

Prion diseases

Pain and neurotrauma (concussions and contusions)

Learning and memory

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Tanea Reed

Published on March 06, 2014