Oak Ridge 'Big Science' Videos

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A series of short videos featuring Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) scientists and engineers explaining their work is available which offers a glimpse inside the world of “Big Science” for students, educators and anyone interested in the process of discovery.
From fusion energy to advanced manufacturing and climate modeling, some of ORNL’s premier researchers explain what they do and why it matters. The fast-paced three-minute clips provide a peek at what it’s like to have a career where making the world better is the goal.
The videos feature 32 scientists, engineers and operations staff who contribute to ORNL’s mission of addressing many of the most pressing scientific challenges of our time.
Recurring themes include energy efficiency, the development of better materials and tackling of grand scientific challenges. Anyone can access the videos at http://www.ornl.gov/ornl/news/videos/what-were-working-on.
The videos offer a variety of teacher training and educational programs, and give students first-person accounts of career options in science and engineering.

Published on October 23, 2014