New Ambient Ionization Research Published

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A project (primarily performed by an EKU chemistry undergradaute student) utilizing Direct analysis in real time (DART) to desorb/ionize a series of fused-ring heterocyclic organometallic compounds and allow molecular analysis using a linear ion-trap mass spectrometer was recently published in Analytical Methods. Limited data is available pertaining to the use of ambient ionization with organometallic compounds but the developed analytical method allowed direct sampling of solutions prepared from pure organometallic compounds in dichloromethane to generate signals in the positive mode.  Tandem mass spectrometry was also possible to verify the organometallic compound and show relative differences with respect to metal coordination. The desorption/ionization of these heterocyclic organometallic compounds with DART potentially gives synthetic chemists another ionization choice for rapid reaction product monitoring.

More information about this publication is available by visiting the Analytical Methods website (click).

Contact Information

Darrin Smith

Published on April 30, 2015