Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

When selecting a major college students need to consider their interest and skills but also pay close attention to the job market. Studies show recent college graduates with a Bachelor’s degree are bearing the greatest unemployment risk, with unemployment rates ranging from a low of 4.8 percent to a high of 14.7 percent depending on their major.  In a recent study by Georgetown University's Public Policy Institute, chemistry majors will face a 5.8% unemployment rate which is the fourth lowest (click here for the full report). Adding a graduate degree such as a Master of Science in chemistry reduces the unemployment rate to just 2.4%. At EKU we offer an accelerated dual degree which allows students to get both a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in five years. One of the reasons the chemistry unemployment rate is so low is that almost all manufacturing companie employ chemists for quality control. Chemistry is also the central science and graduates will find jobs in closely related area such as biochemistry, environmental, regulatory and government. Finally, a chemistry degree is an excellent path to professional schools such as pharmacy, medicine and dentistry. For more information about career opportunities in chemistry visit 

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Lori Wilson

Published on June 05, 2013