Announcing Chemistry for Secondary Teaching

Announcing Chemistry for Secondary Teaching

CHE 801 SUMMER 2015 through Eastern Kentucky University, Instructor:  Dr. Martin Brock

This course will take a close look at the Next Generation Science Standards and ask: “How can we best incorporate science into our classrooms consistent with NGSS?”  It will have a focus on some of the following high school standards related to chemistry: Structure and Properties of Matter, Chemical Reactions, Energy, Forces (related to Coulomb’s law), and Electromagnetic Radiation.  This course will also contain discussions related to connections between middle school and high school standards so may be appropriate for middle school teachers as well as high school teachers. Readings required for the course will often have a chemistry-content component, they will review the literature supporting NGSS, show ways to utilize the three dimensions of NGSS, probe how NGSS lends itself well to formative assessment approaches, and how it suggests pathways for summative assessment.  The course will explore the relationship between the structure of secondary chemistry teaching as we have understood it in the past and the shifts in the paradigms of chemistry teaching due to NGSS.  We will share your ideas about NGSS and ways you have worked within its framework.  Because imbedded within NGSS is a hands-on inquiry-rich methodology, our on-campus sessions will consist of examples of meaningful activities directly connected to NGSS, most of which can be carried out with simple and readily accessible materials.  There will be approximately four of these face-to-face sessions and their timetable will be developed in consultation with all of the participants.    

Dr Brock teaches chemistry at EKU.  He served by invitation on two statewide panels providing feedback during the development of NGSS.  He was a part of the leadership team for numerous workshops, symposia, and summer institutes related to K-12 chemistry teaching and NGSS.  He teaches a course at EKU entitled “Inquiry Chemistry for Teachers” and served on several campus committees related to teacher education.

To register for the course, go to the EKU Graduate School website at  then click on “Admissions”, then “Visiting & Non-Degree”.  You will need to follow directions for Non-Degree admissions. The course will be offered from 8 June through 30 July. Most material will be delivered on-line, but a few specific face-to-face meeting times will be negotiated with the participants, basedon their availability during that time frame.  The face-to-face meetings may be held at the main EKU campus in Richmond, or may be held at another venue, dependent on the ease of participant travel.

Contact Information

Dr. Martin Brock
(859) 622-1460

Published on February 25, 2015