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KAS Chemistry Winners!

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The Kentucky Academy of Science held its 2016 Annual Meeting November 4‐5 at the University of Louisville. More than 700 scientists and students attended the 2016 Annual meeting, and hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students from Kentucky and regional colleges and universities participated in the research competitions.

College of Science Video


The newly formed EKU College of Science has prepared the following video to highlight the different departments and resources available to students. 

New EKU Astrochemistry Research Published

A project under the direction of Dr. Donghui Quan was recently published in The Astrophysical Journal. The isomers of ethanimine (CH3CHNH) were recently detected toward the star-forming region Sagittarius (Sgr) B2(N) using the Green Bank Telescope PRIMOS cm-wave spectral data, and imaged by the Australia Telescope Compact Array.

Chemistry Research Video Series

EKU Chemistry Research

The EKU Department of Chemistry has started to develop a video series about the research opportunities done in the laboratories of various faculty members.  Learn more about the research done in Dr. Judy Jenkin's lab in the EKU Chemistry Department. These opportunities are available to students at the undergraduate and graduate level.

2015 KAS Student Winners

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The 2015 Kentucky Academy of Science (KAS) Meeting was held at Northern Kentucky University on November 13-14. Congrats to our EKU Chemistry students that placed in the various competitions:

Andrew Schlereth: 2nd Place in Analytical/Physical Chemistry Division (Undergraduate Oral Presentations)
Mentor: Dr. Pei Gao

Announcing Chemistry for Secondary Teaching

CHE 801 SUMMER 2015 through Eastern Kentucky University, Instructor:  Dr. Martin Brock

Transferring to EKU Chemistry?

WIth the clear career pathway offered by our chemistry programs some students choose to transfer from a community college. Many students elect to begin their college careers at the Kentucky Community and Technical Colleges System, KCTCS.  Below are five transfer guides for our most popular programs based on the upcoming fall, 2015 catalog at EKU and KCTCS.

Alltech Opportunities Available

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Alltech is reaching out to EKU in hopes that students will explore possibilities with their company through the Alltech Young Scientist Competition as well as the Alltech Career Development Program (information on both below).

Graduate Student Receives National Award for Research Paper

Jen Naumovitz - Kokes Research Award

Jen Naumovitz was honored for her work as first author of the research paper, “Deterium enrichment and the kinetic isotope effect during ruthenium catalyzed Fischer Tropsch Synthesis". She was assisted by fellow graduate student Yunxin Liao, who won the Kokes Award two years ago, and by Dr. Buchang Shi, her faculty adviser and master’s thesis director.