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During the advising period you should make an appointment with your academic advisor to obtain your RAC number and register for courses.

In order to identify your advisor, please go to Degree Works in EKUDirect. Your academic advisor will be listed on the right hand portion of the screen as well as your declared major. If you plan to change majors, please fill out the proper paperwork with the University Registrar. You must meet with your advisor in the Fall and Spring semesters to obtain your RAC number in order to register for courses the following semester. Below is a list of the academic advisors for the Chemistry Department.

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Chemistry (BA) Chemistry option: Dr. Pei Gao

Chemistry (BA) pre-med, pre-pharm, other pre-professional: Dr. Jim Luba

Chemistry (BA) teaching option: Dr. Judy Jenkins

Chemistry (BS) chemistry option: Dr. Judy Jenkins

Chemistry (BS) biochemistry option: Dr. Tanea Reed

Chemistry (BS) pre-med, pre-dental: Dr. Jim Luba

Forensic Science (BS) chemistry option (0 - 90 hours): Dr. Radhika Dasari, Dr. Jerome May, Dr. David Cunningham

Forensic Science (BS) biology option (0 - 90 hours): Dr. Jamie Fredericks, Dr. Christian Paumi

Forensic Science (BS) chemistry and biology option (>90 hours): Dr. Lori Wilson

Chemistry 3+2 Program: Primary advisor of Major (see above) and Dr. Donghui Quan

Chemistry (MS): Dr. Donghui Quan